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Puck-A-Palousa 2024


Ice Hockey Tournament & Fundraiser!

Date: May 2nd (Thursday)-May 5 (Sunday)

Nature of Event:
The nature of the Puck-a-Palousa annual tournament is a fun-style event, a good note to close the season on!! The spirit of P.A.P. is fun-raiser! Spring hockey! Let’s keep it fun!!!

Free Food:
Friday (5/3) Chili Feed & Saturday (5/4) Potato Bar. Sign up below
Chili feed & Potato Bar Feed – PAP

Two Divisions:

  • The “Competitive” Bracket – This is a more competitive style of play, but still keeps it fun. Teams are made up of A, B & C players, who want a faster pace game! No max on number of A league players however, teams should average a skill level of B+.
  • The “Recreation” Bracket – This is a more recreational style of play! Teams can have two A league players; however, they shouldn’t be “game changers”. Max two goals for A league players. Teams are made up of A, B & C level players. Average of team about B-.

Inclusive Environment:
We want everyone involved in this tournament! Please make your teams inclusive and represent different skill levels and gender! We will need volunteers as well. Please stay tuned for the volunteer sign-up.

Rules at a glance:

  • Two Divisions: Competitive and Recreational.
  • 5 on 5 + Goalies
  • 3 Periods 17 minutes each, 5-minute warm-up, 1 hr. curfew.
  • Guaranteed 4 Games!
  • 2 goals for A players in Rec Division
  • No time-outs!
  • No stop-time
  • No checking or fighting
  • Shootout best of 3 then 1 for 1 for OT on Sunday!
  • Follow USA Hockey rules when in doubt.
  • Championship game awarded to the highest 2 bidders in the silent auction (closing 5:00pm Saturday)