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Upon entering the Palouse Ice Rink facility and/ or purchasing admission into Public Skate and all other programs, you acknowledge there is risk of injury that can occur during participation, you agree to participate at your own risk, you agree to follow all rules, codes of conduct, and agree to release the PIR from any liability.

Public Skate Session Rules:

  1. Skate in control, and in the right direction, without endangering, interfering, or cutting others off.
  2. Directions of Skate Guard on duty must be obeyed at all times.
  3. While on the ice, skaters must keep moving.
  4. No racing or speed skating is permitted during Public Skate.
  5. No roughness, horseplay, tag or other game play is allowed on the ice.
  6. Do not throw snowballs or chip into the ice with your skate blades.
  7. Please do not misuse the Skating aids! Do not sit on them, race others, or bump into others with them.
  8. Do not sit on the player bench dasher boards.
  9. Do not hold hands while skating with more than 3 people.
  10. Do not carry your children while skating.
  11. Strollers and other props besides skating aids are only allowed on the ice during certain approved sessions.
  12. No skating while distracted; Step off the ice to use your cell phone or to take photos or videos of people on the ice.
  13. Public Skates are not substitutes for figure skating practice. Jumps and spins must be confined to center ice and are not permitted during busy sessions. If you chip the ice surface you must fill the divots with slushy ice.
  14. Do not do anything that is unsafe or interferes with another’s safety.
  15. If you witness someone doing something unsafe please bring it to the attention of the staff as soon as possible.

Facility Rules:

  • Skaters must purchase a session pass before stepping onto the ice.
  • No food or beverages allowed on the ice at any time.
  • Skates must be worn before getting onto the ice surface.
  • Skaters may not enter the ice until the resurfacer doors are closed. Skaters must leave promptly at the end of a session so resurfacing can begin.
  • The Palouse Ice Rink is not responsible for lost or stolen items. No lockers are provided. Lock all personal belongings in your car.

Have fun and enjoy our non-profit community Rink!