Opening October 17, 2020

With COVID Safety Measures

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Help us build a new ice rink!

The Palouse Ice Rink is leading efforts to enhance and expand our local ice facility. The current rink, which is 3/4 size, was built in 2001 as a temporary facility. Our current facility is no longer able to meet the needs of our 35,000 patrons each year. Help us replace the temporary structure with a full size rink. With $2.3 million in private donations already raised, we are on our way. Consider giving now!

The Plan

Our last estimate for building the new ice rink was $5 million. $1 million of the Hamilton Fund has been made available for a new ice rink and another $1.3 million has been raised from private donations. We are actively pursing grant funds and naming rights donations to meet our goal and break ground for a new rink in spring 2020.

How you can help

Cash donations are always accepted, and because we are a 501 c (3) entity, are fully tax-deductible. Donate using Paypal

We will also accept a binding pledge note that is contingent on raising enough capital to complete construction of the new facility.

For questions about donating to the new ice rink:
Contact: Christina Randal
Phone: 208-413-4934

Visit HERE or more ideas on how to give to Palouse Ice Rink.