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Be Healthy

Stay Active

HomeSchool Skate is a session geared for HomeSchool Physical Education. It is intended as a time to play games on the ice. During this session we allow games such as tag or capture the flag in order to increase physical activity among our community youth. We reserve the right to cancel the games if they appear to be reckless or interfere with others.

Please remain in control of your skating and play as safe as possible, be respectful to others who do not wish to play the game and allow those not participating in the games to skate around the outsides of the rink without interfering with their skating lanes.

We encourage physical activity and like to see youth exercising, so we would wish to keep this session fun and active. Please play responsibly to keep this session going.


Home School Skate


  • Skaters must purchase a session pass and sign our waiver (located at the office window) before stepping onto the ice.
  • No food or beverages allowed on the ice at any time.
  • Skates must be worn before getting onto the ice surface.
  • Skaters may not enter the ice until the resurfacer doors are closed. Skaters must leave promptly at the end of a session so resurfacing can begin.
  • The Palouse Ice Rink is not responsible for lost or stolen items. No lockers are provided. Lock all personal belongings in your car.