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Adult League Season

The Palouse Ice Rink offers the fun and excitement of hockey for adult players who are experienced, as well as those who are new to the sport. Four levels of competition are available (see below). Space is limited, so complete and submit your registration now! For adult league questions, please email [email protected].

2023-2024 Tournaments

  • Fall Skate the Dust Off Tournament
  • Turkey Shoot-out –  Tournament – Held in the Fall
  • The Holiday Classic Tournament Weekdays of Christmas Break!
  • Spring Break 3v3 – Tournament!
  • Emerald League Tourney – Held in the Spring
  • Curling Bonspiel – Held in the Spring
  • Puck-A-Palousa – Held in the Spring
  • Old Timers Tournament – Held in the Spring
  • Women’s Tournament – Held in the Spring
  • Draft Tournament – Held in the Spring

Please note that registration for these tournaments fill up quickly. Please email [email protected] with questions, for details, and to register!!

Start of Season Skates

  • Adults Try Hockey Free – September 24th Sunday 4-6pm! Arrive at 3:00pm for gear! 

  • Adult League Clinic & October 3rd, 4th, 5th @7:45pm – October 7th Clinic Game! 

  • Register here:

  • Adult Hockey Registration link:

Adult League Information

“A”  League

Experienced “Cup”

Populated by advanced, experienced, competitive skaters. Usually players who have played hockey growing up, and continued on to higher levels of College or beyond.

“B Major” (B+) League


Populated by upper Intermediate players. Those who have a high level of basic hockey skills. He/ She has a very high understanding of team play and  where they should be positional on the ice. Forward and backward skating is strong with good maneuverability and transition. They may have played high school varsity or adult league for quite some years.

“B Minor” (B-) League


Populated by lower to middle intermediate players that know the rules, can stop rather well, but may be less experienced adult recreational player. The player has limited understanding of where they should be on the ice, but understands basic game concepts. Forward and Backward skating may be somewhat strong but maneuverability and transitions still need work. This division fosters skill development and collegiality. Rosters are built deliberately for balance across the league, with the goal to create learning opportunities for all.

Emerald (C) League


Populated by beginner or novice skaters who may be new to the game and learning the rules. Also supporting experienced members of this league may have skated for 2 to 3 years but are still working on skating, stick handling or fundamentals. Game function of the league is to recruit new players into the league and develop them for the next  League. Ice time consists of both scheduled games and practice sessions.

Emerald League practice sessions will involve skills and training, but some will be used for Open Hockey. Emerald League Practice – Skills and Training: B- players may attend these League Practice sessions by paying a sub fee. Please email the Emerald League contacts, so we can gauge numbers and inform you if we have reached our maximum for that session. Emerald League Practice – Open Hockey: A signup roster will be available for the Open Hockey times and initially only open to Emerald League players. When they are not filled the day before the game, B- players will be able to sign up. Click here to sign up for practices!

*NOTE: All Adult league games are non-checking and follow USA Hockey guideline and rules if not otherwise specified. We want players to work hard and realize collisions happen, but try your best to be safe, avoid reckless behavior and stay in-control of your play.

How to build your team or join a team

One may sign-up as a team or as an individual. Team captains will work with other team captains, and the Palouse Adult League Committee to ensure a level of equality between teams. If a team appears to be over-experienced and not comparable to other teams in the league they will be asked to resubmit an appropriate roster. The PAL committee will approve rosters upon the discussion in the captains meeting (taking place at the end of Aug.) and after evaluating the other division rosters. The goal is to be able to play with those you wish, but also keep fairness, fun, and appropriate competitiveness in perspective. Our goal is to have an inclusive environment. Players who are less strong in the division are expected to be recruited by captains and be allowed opportunities for involvement just as much as the stronger players in the league. Captains please mix up your rosters to be inclusive, avoid stagnation, and recruit players that will equal out as an average team in your division.

Players signing up as an individual / free agents / those who do not have a team or are new to the league may register as a “free agent” and we will find you a team! We may request a player to participate in a skate rate or be evaluated during the first few games of the season, to assure a good team fit. If there are no team openings, then a misfit team of “free agents” will be created. If there is not enough space available to add an additional team in the league or on a team. The free agent players will be placed on a waiting list until a spot becomes available. Teams who do not pay as a team will be subject to having additional players added to their rosters at the discretion of the league committee.

Registration opens Aug 1st 2023! Players need to be fully registered and pay by September 25th! A late fee after September 25th for registration is $25.00 and is contingent if space permits.

Below is a list of all team contacts. These contacts will be signing up as teams. Please contact the league liaison with questions or concerns or the league Staff by emailing: [email protected]

A League

“A” League Liaison: Xavier Murdoch – [email protected]
Big Dekes Xavier Murdoch
Moscow Tattoo Joe S. – [email protected]
Goons Mason H. – [email protected]
Mountain King DJ M. – [email protected]
UofI Jesse – [email protected]
WSU Pax – [email protected]

B+ League

B+ League Liaison:  Jim Parsons – [email protected]
Chipman & Taylor Tony M. – [email protected]
Moscow Title  TBA
Gem State T-Jay – [email protected]
Corner Club Angela – [email protected]
Zipley Fiber Tyler – [email protected]
Elite Fitness / Amazons Laura – [email protected] 

B League

B- League Liaison: Aaron Sparks – [email protected]
One World / Buzz Aaron – [email protected]
Nords Cliff – [email protected] 
Minglers Chris – [email protected]
Puckers Aaron – [email protected]
Monty Pylons Marina – [email protected]
Bears Dan – [email protected]
Orchard Farms Brad – [email protected]
Button Shelf Bruisers Brad Rudley – [email protected]

Emerald League – C

Emerald League Liaison:  Anne Wessles – [email protected]
Paradise Creek Tricycles – Orange T-Jay
Mission Possible Liz – [email protected]
  1. T-Jay Clevenger – [email protected]
  2. Isaiah Lee – [email protected]
  3. Xavier Murdoch – [email protected]

League Liaison Responsibilities

  • Help rink staff facilitate the league
  • Ambassador for perspective league
  • Address concerns and questions among league
  • Distribute updates and information
  • Help find a volunteer to record league stats for the season and monitor

Captain Responsibilities

“Being a leader is not about you. It’s about the people that are on your team and how you can help them be successful.” – Susan Vobejda

  • Captains are to form & organize an appropriate team
  • Collect all paper work and money
  • Communicate with players, rink staff and league Liaison
  • Inform players of games
  • Find subs if need be

Sub policy

Note on sub courtesy, ethics and sportsmanship – To develop our leagues and players, it is a courtesy to try to find subs from the lower levels to build up our players from lower levels and get them experience in the higher league. This encourages fair play as well to try to litigate advantage of getting an experienced sub. Please try to ask a variety of players to sub. Usually only a few of the regulars get asked, lets strive to be inclusive and fair.

League Pages to view schedule: 2022-2023 Season

  • A =
  • B+ =
  • B- =
  • Emerald League =

* The PIR PAL has been given permission to post contact names via individual registration forms. If you’d like to be removed from this listing please email: [email protected] List not for redistribution.

* References / credits: Some of the above language has been adopted by USA Hockey’s Guidebook:
* References / credits: Player Skill level rating system has been adopted by Bozemanhockey association.