Want to Help Renovate Our New Ice Rink? Here are several convenient ways to give. Any amount helps!

There are many ways you can give to the Palouse Ice Rink. Christina Randal (christina.randal@gmail.com)  can work with you to help you create a way of giving that fits with your pocketbook. All donations are tax deductible, but you should always check with your tax advisor. Here are several ways you can help us renovate our new ice rink for the community:

Cash or Pledge
Credit card, check, or PaypalSet up Palouse Ice Rink as your charity of choice on Amazon and PayPal. You can also set up monthly giving on PayPal!

A pledge is a promise to provide a donation at a future date. Fill out a pledge form for Individual or Family or Corporate and submit it to christina.randal@gmail.com

Checks can be made out to Palouse Ice Rink and mailed to PO Box 8023, Moscow, ID 83843.

Honorary, Memorial, or Commemorative Gift
A memorial/commemorative gift can help perpetuate the values and ideals that defined a loved one’s life. Honorary gifts commemorate a significant event or an exceptional person who is still living.
Asset Naming Gifts
For more information about naming a piece of the Ice Rink, see this page
Planned Giving
Providing for a future gift to charities through your financial and estate plans. The PIR welcomes gifts made through different planned giving arrangements. These arrangements can:

  • Provide for you or your loved ones
  • Entitle you to charitable income and/or gift or estate tax deductions
  • Enable you to leave a legacy for the PIR
Any asset donated to and for the perpetual benefit of a non-profit institution. The donation is usually made with the requirement that the principal remain intact and money earned from investing the principal be used for a specific purpose.
Real Estate and Gifts in Kind
Gifts of property such as homes, vacation homes, commercial property, or raw land. Gifts of personal property
Life Insurance or Retirement Plan Gift
 Retained Life Estate


You can give part of full ownership of your life insurance policy by signing a an “assignment” or a “transfer” document.You can name Palouse Ice Rink as the beneficiary of a qualifying retirement plan through a beneficiary designation form, ensuring assets will not be included in your taxable estate.
Bequest in Will or Living Trust
designation in your will to give a portion of your assets to Palouse Ice Rink at your passing.
Charitable Remainder Trust (Annuity or Unitrust),
Charitable Gift Annuity
Charitable Lead Trust


A contract between a donor and Palouse Ice Rink whereby the donor transfers cash or property to PIR in exchange for a partial tax deduction and a lifetime stream of annual income from the charity.

An irrevocable trust designed to provide financial support to PIR for a period of time, with the remaining assets eventually going to family members or other beneficiaries.

Volunteer Opportunities
Please email the manager for more details: manager@palouseicerink.com or sign-up for an opportunity today: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0f44aea72da7f94-pirvolunteer



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