Interested in reserving the ice rink for a special event? Read our policy below and request a reservation time.

Reservation Policy

All users are subject to the Palouse Ice Rink reservation policy. All reservations must be submitted to the rink at least five (5) days in advance. No reservations will be accepted during scheduled events or programs (space permitting), and the Palouse Ice Rink management reserves the right to change the schedule at any time. Before filling our a reservation request form, please view our schedule to make sure your requested time is available.

General Ice Rink Policies

  1. All hockey players shall wear helmets and gloves at all times while on the ice.
  2. Skaters only on the ice. No broomball or other ice games unless scheduled.
  3. All skaters and coaches must clear the ice when the Zamboni is in use.
  4. Attendant on duty is in charge. Failure to comply with the attendant’s requests will result in the expulsion of the offender(s) from the Palouse Ice Rink until further notice.
  5. No tobacco use or alcoholic beverages allowed. No Exceptions!
  6. PIR Conduct policy is strictly enforced. Failure to comply will result in the expulsion of the offender(s) from the facility.
  7. Destruction or defacing of PIR property, inside our outside is prohibited. Offenders will be prohibited from entering the rink.
  8. Food and snacks are allowed inside the rink. Water bottles with lids are allowed in the ice rink bench areas.
  9. Discard trash in the trash barrels provided.

Palouse Ice Rink Reservation Request (coming soon)

Palouse Ice Rink Facility Rental Agreement (coming soon)

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