January 2021

  • A person tested positive on 1/29/20 who was at the PYHA practice on 1/26/21 at 5:15pm and played in a game on 1/17/21 at 6pm. This persons was wearing a mask.
  • A rink attendant tested positive on 1/27/21. This staff member was asymptomatic and worked on Saturday 1/23/21.  2:45pm – 7pm and Sunday 1-3pm on 1/24/21. This Staff member wore a mask and did not come in close contact with anyone for an extended period of time.
  • A player tested positive on 1/25/21, who played in the old timers scrimmage on 1/21/20
  • A PYHA Player participated in a practice on 1/16/21 and tested positive on 1/23/21

November 2020

  • A player who played in a game Monday night at 9pm 11/2/20 tested positive on 11/4/20.
  • A player who participated in open hockey on Tuesday November 3rd at noon tested positive on 11/11/20.
  • A player who played in the 9:15am Sunday B- game on 11/8/20 received a positive covid test on 11/11/20. This player was wearing a mask during the game.

October 2020

  •  A player played in a game at 4:30pm and 6pm on Sunday 10/18/20 and tested positive on 10/21/20

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