Palouse Ice Rink Closes a 20-year Chapter In Moscow History: Ringing In The New Ice Rink

The Palouse Ice Rink hosted a final figure skating show on December 23, featuring local figure skaters and youth hockey players. Students of all ages showcased their talents around a Christmas theme that brought to close the last Christmas show in the old Palouse Ice Rink facility. Patrons voiced anticipation of the new Parks’ Activity Recreation Center (PARC) opening in 2022, complete with a full-sized rink, heated viewing areas and indoor plumbing.

Skaters included Lillyann Morford (coached by Emily Viehouser), performing to “I wish you a Merry Christmas,” Sophia Tsiklauri, performing to “Snowman,” Emily Viehouser, performing to “The Christmas Song,”and Levani Tsiklauri, performing to “Russian Dance from the Nutcracker.”

The show was a perfect celebration to end two decades of skating in a well-loved facility that sparked a surprising community passion for skating.


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