Asset Naming Opportunities

The new Parks Activity Recreation Center, home of the new Palouse Ice Rink, will be renovated in 2021 with plans to open in fall 2021! We need your help to pay for renovations. We have developed a number of asset naming opportunities for donors, providing a way to have a piece of the new ice rink named after you or someone you would like to memorialize. The benefits of purchasing a naming asset include:

• Longterm advertising seen annually by more than 35,000 patrons
• Recognition by the community as a philanthropist
• Memorialize someone special
• Tax deduction: the Ice Rink is a non-profit organization, so all donations are tax deductible

Below is a list of naming opportunities that allow you to become a part of this exciting endeavor:

Payable over 5 years or less

Lobby/entrance area $250,000
Brian Dyre Science on Ice classroom $250,000  SOLD!
Zamboni $100,000  SOLD!
Concession stand $ 75,000 SOLD!
Locker room upper floor (1) $ 40,000 SOLD!
Zamboni garage $ 25,000  SOLD!
Locker rooms main floor (6) ea $ 25,000 3 SOLD!
Bleachers $ 25,000 SOLD!
Skate rental office $ 25,000  SOLD
Office $ 20,000
Training/Meeting room (upstairs) $ 15,000
Penalty box (2) ea   $10,000  both SOLD!
Score keeper area $ 10,000 SOLD!
Referee locker room (2) Both SOLD!    $ 5,000 ea renewable every 5 years

Opportunities for families or individuals

Family Donor supporters will be recognized with a display in the lobby. Families may also choose to keep their donation anonymous
Diamond Level Donor $100,000+
Gold Level Donor $ 50,000
Silver Level Donor $ 25,000
Bronze Level Donor $ 10,000
Other family or individual donations include:
Dasher board sponsor with plaque $2,500 (50 available)
Individual bleacher seats $ 500 (175 available)
ADA seating $ 250 (5 available)  All SOLD!
Bricks in front area landscaping $ 250

Opportunities for businesses

Home Team bench seating $15,000 renewable every 5 years SOLD!
Visiting Team bench seating
Center Ice $ 7,500 annually SOLD!
Logo in Ice (2) at either end $ 2,000 renewable annually SOLD!
Score board panel $ 2,000 annually  SOLD!
Dasher board panel advertisement $1,000 annually + cost of panel 3 SOLD!

Interested in becoming a part?
Christina Randal

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