Asset Naming Opportunities

The new Parks Activity Recreation Center, home of the new Palouse Ice Rink opened on December 7, 2022 following Phase I of its construction. We need your help to pay for future renovations to finish out this amazing facility! We have developed a number of asset naming opportunities for donors, providing a way to have a piece of the new ice rink named after you or someone you would like to memorialize. The benefits of purchasing a naming asset include:

• Longterm advertising seen annually by more than 35,000 patrons
• Recognition by the community as a philanthropist
• Memorialize someone special
• Tax deduction: the Ice Rink is a non-profit organization, so all donations are tax deductible

Below is a list of naming opportunities that allow you to become a part of this exciting endeavor:

Payable over 5 years or less

Lobby/entrance area $250,000
Brian Dyre Science on Ice classroom $250,000  SOLD!
Zamboni $100,000  SOLD!
Concession stand $ 75,000 SOLD!
Locker room upper floor (1) $ 40,000 SOLD!
Zamboni garage $ 25,000  SOLD!
Locker rooms main floor (6) ea $ 25,000 3 SOLD!
Bleachers $ 25,000 SOLD!
Skate rental office $ 25,000  SOLD
Office $ 20,000
Training/Meeting room (upstairs) $ 15,000
Penalty box (2) ea   $10,000  both SOLD!
Score keeper area $ 10,000 SOLD!
Referee locker room (2) Both SOLD!    $ 5,000 ea renewable every 5 years

Opportunities for families or individuals

Family Donor supporters will be recognized with a display in the lobby. Families may also choose to keep their donation anonymous
Diamond Level Donor $100,000+
Gold Level Donor $ 50,000
Silver Level Donor $ 25,000
Bronze Level Donor $ 10,000
Other family or individual donations include:
Dasher board sponsor with plaque $2,500 (50 available)
Individual bleacher seats $ 500 (175 available)
ADA seating $ 250 (5 available)  All SOLD!
Bricks in front area landscaping $ 250

Opportunities for businesses

Home Team bench seating $15,000 renewable every 5 years SOLD!
Visiting Team bench seating
Center Ice $ 7,500 annually SOLD!
Logo in Ice (2) at either end $ 2,000 renewable annually SOLD!
Score board panel $ 2,000 annually  SOLD!
Dasher board panel advertisement $1,000 annually + cost of panel 3 SOLD!

Interested in becoming a part?
Christina Randal

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