Laura Anne Wold-Morford
General Manager

Laura was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico and spent most of her childhood in Sandpoint, ID. She has worked for four different ice facilities (Glacier, Manchester, LC & Palouse Ice Rink) over the last fifteen years! She's a level 5 USA Hockey Coach, Level 2 Official, an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, and is a certified Ice Rink Administrator with the US Ice Rink Association. Laura has a bachelor's degree in exercise science (2009 U of Montana) and a master's degree in recreation (2012 U of Idaho). She loves coaching, playing hockey, weightlifting, snowboarding, hiking, and biking. She spends most of her free time with her daughter, Lillyann (5) and her son Ben (1)!

Barb Morris

Barb has worked for the ice rink for 15 years!  She is originally from New Jersey before she moved to Moscow! She studied Fine Arts at the University of Idaho! She has 4 kids and 9 grandchildren! 

Gary Qualmann

A constant face at the Palouse Ice Rink, Gary has been working at the rink since it opened! He is also one of the founders and helped build the PIR. In the summers he works for the Forest Service as a fire watch airman.

Deb Wilson
Plant Operator

Deb grew up in Moscow Idaho and is the proud hockey mom of a 12 year old. She plays Hockey herself, and is an avid ice rink volunteer. She was pursued to join the staff in 2019! Deb is currently studying HVACR at LCSC to be our chief plant operator! Thank you DEB!! 

Tyler Borchers
Adult Hockey Commisioner

Tyler was born in Oregon and moved to Moscow when he was 8 years old. He attended Moscow High School and was a swimmer throughout school. Tyler has a bachelor's in recreation (2020 U of Idaho)! Tyler also works at NRS and LOVES the outdoors! Tyler has 10 years working part time in the ice rink industry! 

Maddie Harold
Manager on Duty

Maddie started at the Palouse Ice Rink in 2019! She's originally from McCall where she grew up with her sisters! She's so excited to learn how to skate and Play Hockey! She is a certified Safe Ice Resurfacer Operator! 

Brian Atwood
Maintenance Tech.

Brian has worked for the rink since 2018! Thank you Brian for helping with building, Ice, and Zamboni maintenance!

Zach Ewell
Maintenance Tech.

Zach was born in upstate New York and moved to Moscow, Idaho in 2014. Zach studies at New St. Andrews College. He is an advent rower and enjoys working in Mechanics and loves driving the ice resurfacer.

Justin Lineberg
Maintenance Staff
Sydni Lewis
Intern & Office Assistant

Sydni is currently attending LCSC and studying applied accounting! She loves roller skating and was involved with Roller Derby for many years! Sydni has helped us build our roller skating program this summer! Thank you Sydni!!!

Austin Durglo
IR Driver

Austin is from Saint Ignatius, Montana. He is currently studying Law at the University of Montana! 

  • SIRO (Safe Ice Resurfacer Operator Certified)! 
Isaac Stone
IR Driver

Isaac graduated from Moscow High School in 2016! He is currently studying Agriculture at University of Idaho!

Josh Bakken

Josh was born in Seattle Washington. He has lived in Moscow all his life. He loves spending time with his family. He grows lettuce for the food bank and really likes working at the Palouse ice rink.

Nicole Nance
Skate Shop Attendant

Nicole has been working at the Palouse Ice Rink since 2018! She's originally from San Diego, California! She's attending University of Idaho and is studying Animal Sciences! 

Faith Heuk
Skate Shop Attendant
Angel Cowan
Skate Guard
Kiera Butterfield
Skate Shop Attendant

Kiera has skated at the Palouse Ice Rink since she was a youngster! Now Kiera is a Goalie and a player for PYHA! She is a senor this year looking forward to learning more about ice rink operations!

Tate Paul
Skate Guard

Tate has been working at the rink since 2017! Tate attends Moscow High School and Plays Hockey for the PYHA Midgets! 

David Wilson
Staff in Training!

Our "Employee in Training," David Wilson is one of our most reliable volunteers! Whether he is skate guarding, troubleshooting our computer, or educating us on the properties of Ice, he's making a difference around the rink and an essential member of our team! Thanks David for all your hard work!

Vlad Borek
Skate Guard
Cheryl Reed

Thank you Cheryl for our wonderful newsletter! Help in editing the website, printing and consulting!

Christina Randal
Fundraising & Grant Writer

Thank you for helping us fund for the Big Ice! If you would like to help us with our fundraising, please reach out to Christina: 

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