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Drop-in Hockey Sessions & Links to SignUpGenius

Drop-in Hockey sessions are available for new and experienced players. Full gear is required. Open to the first 2 goalies and 18 skaters (ages 16+) who sign up. The cost for skaters is $8 per session; goalies skate at no charge. Availability is on a first-com, first-served basis.

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Adult Hockey League

The Palouse Ice Rink offers the fun and excitement of hockey for adult players who are experienced, as well as those who are new to the sport. Three levels of competition are available (see below). We are in the process of taking registrations and forming teams. Space is limited, so complete and submit your registration now! For adult league questions, please email

I hope that everybody had a great summer. As many of you know the league is changing up a bit this year and we are going to four leagues. A, B Major, B Minor and C. We are doing this in order to help level the playing field, not make the jump between leagues as big and to foster recruitment into the adult hockey leagues. In an attempt to define the kinds of players that would be rostered in each league, we have drafted the following definitions:

A League - Populated by advanced, experienced, competitive skaters.

B Major League - Populated by experienced and competitive players but seek a more relaxed game than the A-league provides. Characterized by upper intermediate players (A/B in tournaments) who want to play with consistent teammates to foster strategic play. Teams would recruit for competitiveness, but the League Manager would oversee some level of equality between seasons and ensure that drafts into B Major from Minors or A are appropriate.

B Minor League - Populated by lower to middle intermediate players that know the rules and are experienced skaters. Players in the Minors would be expected to know how to skate well, stop and shoot. Competitiveness is encouraged to heighten everybody’s game, but this league is intended to foster skill development and collegiality. Rosters are built deliberately for balance across the league, with the goal to create learning opportunities for all. 

C League - Populated by beginner skaters who may be new to the game and learning the rules. Also supporting experienced members of this league may have skated for 2 to 3 years but are still working on skating or stick handling fundamentals. Function of the league is to recruit new players into the league and develop them for the Minor League.  Ice time consists of both scheduled games but some training sessions as well.

*NOTE:  All drop-in hockey sessions and adult league games are nonchecking. Everyone has something to do the next day; we always caution on the side of safety.

Below are links to each of the leagues schedule. Please take a look and check out the schedule. In order to fit all the games in (we are losing 3 Sundays to holidays) and not back load the schedule, we will have games on Fridays and Saturdays in addition to Sundays.

Download the 2017-2018 Adult Hockey Registration Form

A Players: Please mail, email or drop off your registrations at the ice rink. I will have a box by the office marked "Adult Hockey". 

B Major, B Minor and C League: Below is a list of all team contacts. These leagues will be signing up as teams. Please contact the  team directly. If you cannot get on a team, email me you registration. In the Subject please put: Adult League Free Agent. In the message please let me know what league you want to play in and if you played last year, what team.

All Registrations need to be submitted by October 8th

John Odowd-
Steve Bush-
Evan McLean-
Marc Trivelpiece-
Tony Mangini-

B-Minor *WSU will also have a team in this league
Brian Kennedy-
Brad Jaeckel-
Jessie Hockett-
Lindsay Bush-

Alex Miller-
JD Poulos
Alecia Kiszonas  

T-Jay Clevenger-


B Major-
B Minor-

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