Smart Transit

SMART Transitserves the Palouse Ice Rink!  

Take the East Route (Blue Line) to the Eastside Marketplace stop at the corner of White Avenue and Blaine Street (Stop 5) and enjoy the short walk to the rink!   

The bus stops at Stop 5 6:53 AM, 7:23AM, 7:53AM, 8:23AM, 8:53AM, 9:23AM, 9:53AM, 10:23AM, 10:53AM, 11:23AM, 11:53AM, 12:23PM, 12:53PM, 1:23PM, 1:53PM, 2:23PM, 2:53PM, 3:23PM, 3:53PM, 4:23PM, 4:53PM, 5:23PM. and 5:53PM.

For more information callSMART Transit at: 883-7747or check out their web site at: 


The Palouse Ice Rink is your premier location for winter activities. We provide a community friendly atmosphere where individuals can enjoy a range of different activities from ice skating to curling. Learn more about the different programs we provide by exploring our website.